Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Knowledge is experience. The rest is just information!”

This quote struck me for the first time some months ago now. I am told that these are words spoken by Albert Einstein, not someone often seen as giving spiritual insight, but here I believe he is!

Of course there are different types of “knowing” and information is not valueless, indeed at different points in the Gospels Jesus speaks giving information and it helps, BUT information is not the heart of his ministry. It is the experience that comes from responding to the information, to God’s presence in the world and to other people around us which changes us, builds relationships and ends in “knowing”, that is alive!

When Jesus calls us to “abide in him”, to be at home in him, as he is in God, our Father and his. He is calling us to draw close and dwell with and in him in a way that information can begin to catch, but can never fully describe and yet into which experience connects, beyond information. When we experience something we “know” “in our own experience”, often we can not fully describe, but we “know”, and often others can see that “knowing” in us, they to experience something in meeting with us, something that can powerfully build up good foundations for faith and trust, something in which God can be “known” when we look to him and trust.

In the church year, the 6th August is the Feast of the Transfiguration, a day set aside for us to recall and celebrate the experience of Peter, James and John as they went up the mountain with Jesus, saw his appearance change so he was bright white, saw Moses and Elijah with him and heard the voice of God speak “This is my son. Listen to him.”

As a result of various conversations we are planning to mark this feast this year with an interactive quiet day “at home” (i.e. at our own church, not away somewhere else.) I hope and pray that this will be a day that will give faith deepening experience to all of us. At the centre will be one question, “What do you SEE?” It will be a day with quiet space in the church and some outdoor displays too. This is another opportunity to live our desire to Connect, interact and encourage.

Please book the date now, Monday 6th August. We will start at 10am, but you can dip in and out as the day goes on, or stay all day if you can. Full plan still to be finalised, but please do join us and share this experience with us.

With much hope,