Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Easter Day, a day of foolishness?!

Last month it was Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day coming together in one day on 14th Feb.

This month (almost!) Easter Day and April Fool’s Day land together on 1st April.

What is our calendar doing? I hope making us think, and look again!

Many people think it is foolish to believe that the body of Jesus was no longer in the tomb on Easter morning BECAUSE he was risen, alive again after death on the cross, indeed, even more fully alive than he had been before!

The Resurrection of Jesus is the central and astounding culmination of Christian faith.

When we think of something as foolish we can do this in many different ways.

The classic April fool is about a bit of fun, often about realising we can laugh at ourselves when it is done with good heart!

Accusations of foolishness though also have a darker side. How often in political rhetoric and other situations of heated discussion do we hear exclamations that “it would be foolish in the extreme to …”. To make the exponent of the opposing view out to be a fool is a powerful and damaging act, one all to often used in malice and defensiveness when the speaker is scared by the opposing view, but has not got a logical and good way to respond to it!

Sometimes Jesus scares us! Sometimes he turns our grasp of life so upside down that we fight him because we feel we need the security of knowing who we are and where we are, and we would rather be clear and wrong than disorientated with integrity? Now there is true foolishness!

Easter is the celebration of the astounding reality of our God who again and again blows our picture of life wide open and fills it with his spirit.

Easter is a celebration which places our hope in God and does that centre stage!

As we celebrate Easter this year may we know joy in our hearts, not at the expense of others who we make out to be fools but at the realisation of God’s astounding greatness and loving generosity in giving us life, life that he in turn makes new, just as we see in the risen Jesus.

I know this all happens next month strictly, but let’s prepare our hearts now!

Yours with so much hope of new life for us all,