Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter



Before you read on, STOP for a moment and listen!

STOP for longer than you think you need to!

What can you hear?

What are your ears telling you about the things around you now, just where you are?

What can you hear inside yourself as well as outside yourself!

Listening is often challenging!

We have to wait and stay attentive.

We don’t always know what we are going to hear or when and can easily get distracted,

get worried about things we think are more important, or loose our nerve with making sense of what we hear.

When we truly listen, we are not in the driving seat, the person or place we are listening to is creating what we hear. Sometimes we think we know what we are hearing, only to find that the connection we had made to understand what we had heard did not fit with what was actually happening. Not only is waiting hard work, but keeping aware of our thoughts about what we hear and how they fit or not is also hard work.

But listening is essential to a growing community. Listening is at the heart of overcoming isolation and loneliness. Being truly HEARD is full of affirmation and recognition and wholeness. It renews life and is a foundation we must take care of, nourish and grow.

Jesus calls us to “love God with all our hearts and love our neighbours as ourselves.”

This means listening, even when that is hard work!

If we grow as a community who are committed to listening to God, to each other and to the genuine voice of our own hearts then we will be challenged, but if we grasp those challenges together, we will grow.

May we all hear well and grow in life.

With much hope,