Dwelling in the Word:

Dwelling in the Word: weekly on Mondays at 4pm. 

(Normally in church but 6 Pine Lea for the winter season)

As we continue our year reflecting on Luke 10:1-12, along with our partner churches, we have decided to refresh our use of “Dwelling in the Word”.  Following on from first using it in Lent, a small group of us continued to meet on occasional Friday mornings.  I want to that all who have stuck with it in theses groups as repeated use of the same passage takes determination, but then, again and again we have all found more and more good insight in it through sticking with it.

We wondered if changing to a new time might make having a go available to people who can’t do Friday mornings so we are now going to meet weekly on Mondays at 4pm.  One of the gifts of this way of working is that if you can’t come every time, and most of us can’t weekly, it still works.  Because it is repeated reflection on the passage it does not work like a course where you don’t understand if you missed what went before.

You can simply join in whenever you come.

Please do give it a go, especially if you have not used it regularly yet.  It really does come alive in a surprising way when you do stick with it.