Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Advent and Beyond 2019

This year, through Advent to Christmas and Epiphany we will be traveling together with the Wise Men. They set off on their journey a long time before they arrived in Bethlehem, quite likely even up to two years before. I wonder what that journey was like for them? I wonder how often they were full of hope and excitement and how often they almost gave up? I wonder what picture of their destination was in their minds as they set off? I wonder if finding Jesus was totally different or something like what they expected? I wonder what this journey was like for them, what it demanded of them and what they thought or experienced of God as they travelled on?

I wonder what journey you are on in life at the moment? I wonder what star God has placed in the sky to guide you and who your companions are? None of us knows with utter certainty what tomorrow will bring, yet we travel on, day by day, sometimes with hope and excitement, sometimes with confusion and fear. So often not having a clear picture of our destination.

As we prepare for Christmas and beyond it helps to think of what we are doing as a journey. As we prepare, do we set off in our hearts and minds and discover new wonders, or do we stay sat exactly where we are, re-enacting the same Christmas routines and ending up exactly where we started, or do we expect to arrive in a new place where we see new possibilities and change what we expect going forward?

The Wise Men saw the star and set of on an adventure. A life changing adventure at that!

As we prepare and celebrate this year, may we let God lead us on a life changing adventure where we meet him and grow in faith, even if this is the last thing we are expecting right now.

I hope you have a happy and life renewing Christmas.

With much expectation,