Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Have you seen the rainbows?

In recent days I have been very struck by the number of rainbows I have seen. In general, we have had a very wet time recently and at points that has been very hard, but for me the rainbows have been a “silver lining” in more ways than one.

Some of you will have heard me talk recently about seeing rainbows, I have done so in school assemblies, church services and at meetings. Often I have asked people how they feel when they see a rainbow and words like “uplifted, brightened, happy, ….”are what I have been told. 

Rainbows are a flash of lively colour, often in the middle of a dark and wild moment!

They are there one moment and gone the next! They are a real presence, yet we cannot hold them! They are a gift, given in moments we cannot predict. They can indeed change our day for good, but we have no control over them. They are a thing of wonder. They help us see again that we live in a world of wonder, God’s world of wonder, even when all is dark and menacing around us.

But what more do rainbows have to give too?

At the end of the story of Noah, in Genesis chapter 9, God speaks of how he has put the rainbow in the sky as a reminder of his promise to us and all the earth, that the likes of the great flood will never happen again.

As we see a rainbow, it is not only the colourfulness that can pick us up, but also the being reminded of God’s promise for all our futures, God’s faithfulness as we go forward and his holding of us in whatever comes.

This month we again share Remembrance Sunday and we see and know again all that it means to us. 

This month, our nation and our parish wait to see how big decisions unfold for us and our community.

As we live with all this, I hope and pray we will see more rainbows and know again that God is with us and is holding all our futures in a way that gives hope.

Yours with much hope and daring to look for visions of wonder,