Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Entering a new time!

We have entered a new year, indeed a new decade!

We have a new government and in so many ways are in a new situation.

Some new things feel encouraging and exciting but others are off putting and scary.

How do we best enter into this new year in faith?

To me it seems to be important to be generous but not blind!

The other day I came across an article about a new garden project in a historic setting.

The person responsible said:

“Building a world class contemporary garden on the bones of a significant heritage site is both a dizzying and stimulating undertaking. Every turn needs to be taken with thoughtful consideration, with respect for the past but also an eye on the future.”

Earlier in the article they even talk about “resurrecting” the site they are working on.

We have celebrated Jesus birth, as the days and months go forward we will celebrate his life, his death and his resurrection.

All this is not just about him! It is about the potential he places in us too.

As we head off towards Easter, within this new year, how do we picture resurrection happening in our lives, both individually and as a community?

Happy New Year,