Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


Being Perplexed!

I wonder what is perplexing you at the moment?

When I stop and take time to notice, I see quite a number of things that perplex me, both in distant parts of the world and locally!

I was part of a conversation yesterday which helped me take hold of this more and see it more, which might sound off-putting but I actually found very helpful.

There are two key points that have stayed with me from that conversation. One was the difference between being confused and perplexed. We can be confused about all sorts of things, some of them quite theoretical or abstract, but things that perplex us are actually happening, they are not simply an idea.

The other was that wonder can also be perplexing. In other words, being perplexed can be a reaction to something good that happens in or around me but is different, unexpected or surprising.

On the 26th February this year’s Lent Season began, and the more I think about it the more I realise that Lent is a time when being perplexed is a reality we find at the heart of our seasonal thoughts and reflections when we fully engage with them.

I wonder if, like me, you have never described Lent in quite that way before?

Having done so, I wonder how much we are willing to be perplexed by God, in a way that then grows our faith and starts our Easter journey with Jesus, through Death and to Resurrection.

In our ongoing “Dwelling in the Word” exercise, we have been asked to use a new passage in recent weeks. It is 2 Corinthians 4:1-12. If you read it you will see the link with what I have written here! We will go on using it for some months after Easter. If you would like to join us on Monday afternoons, please do.

In Lent we come along side Jesus as he spent his 40 days in the wilderness. We often fight the need to spend time like this, but when we do, in a healthy way, it forms foundations for new life in us which can transform our relationship with God and bring it alive.

When finally the rain does come to wilderness places, the display of flowers is often very very colourful and full of life.

This Lent, may be go to that place together and find God’s blessings in it, even when it perplexes us!

May you know in your heart that God is with you every moment of this season.

Yours, perplexed and in expectation,