Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter


From Patch, our curate, I hope that you enjoy this new monthly news letter with Bible reading. It has been designed to give everyone the opportunity to have a time of reflection and celebration, whether alone or over the phone. This pandemic time has not been easy and we recognise that some may still not feel comfortable coming to church yet. We also recognise those brothers and sisters of our who find it difficult to leave the house.

This is for you.

Week 1: Mark 1:14-34 1. What are your immediate impressions of what you’ve just read? Look at verse 15 again. 2. What do you think Jesus meant by ‘the kingdom of God’? What does He mean when He says it is near? Why is this Good News? When we repent we do a full U turn back to God. Jesus’ announcement is important because it requires a radical change in priorities! Read verse 16-20 again. 3. How easy do you find it to make sense of these four fishermen’s actions? They left everything behind, isn’t it rather reckless? 4. What does this suggest about Jesus’ command? Throughout the gospel, Mark presents us with a man around whom extraordinary things take place! With just a word people leave homes and jobs to follow. What do you need to do today to follow a similar command?

Week 2: Mark 1:34-45 1. How does Jesus’ reaction to His fame differ from that of Simon? 2. When Jesus heals, why is it surprising that Jesus commands them not to tell others? Why be so secretive? Jesus’ announcement of the Kingdom is immediately followed by miraculous healing. Signs of a broken world becoming renewed. It is a foretaste of what will be when God is King over all.  

Week 3: Mark 2:1-12 1. The friends went to extreme lengths to get their friend to Jesus. What does this say about their expectations? 2. Why were the teachers of the Law so unhappy with Jesus? 3. How does Jesus demonstrate His authority? Jesus calls all to follow Him. Even the tax collectors and those with diseases were called. If Jesus was comfortable about bringing the message of the kingdom to these people, what then should our priorities be?

Week 4: Mark 2:18-22 1. Looking at these verses, what is Jesus claiming about Himself? 2. What point is Jesus trying to make to His religious critics? The Jewish Bible repeatedly uses the image of God as a loving husband pursuing an unfaithful wife (Israel). Despite the betrayals God has in store one final act of forgiveness, forever in Jesus Christ. God is faithful, even when we’re not.

Regular Weekly Activities in June:

Sundays at 10.15am - A face to face service at our church.

Sundays at 8pm - Gentleman’s gathering

Tuesdays at 9.30am - Dwelling in the word and Morning Prayers on zoom

Wednesdays at 8pm - Compline still on zoom at present.

Things we are changing now: 1) We will no longer send round the link for the shared Sunday Zoom service. (If you would still like this, please let Tim know.) 2) We will replace the weekly “Simple Prayer and Reflection emails” with some monthly material. 3) We hope to have a monthly printed newsletter. 4) We are hoping to start up a Craft and Chat group on Mondays between 10am and 12noon. Look out for the start up date.

Sunday Morning Services in June:

Sun 6th June : 1st after Trinity 10.15am: Morning Prayer

Sun 13th June : 2nd After Trinity 10.15am: Holy Communion

Sun 20th June : 3rd After Trinity 10.15am: Morning Prayer

Sun 27th June : 4th After Trinity 10.15am: Holy Communion

Prayer points: What are the things you would like us to be praying for now? Our old system with the book in church that you could write prayer requests in has now been out of action for more than a year. We have shared prayer in different ways, but as life changes again, what is the best way now? Our PCC and the ECC at St Andrew’s have started to think about what each church would like the other to pray for. So far, St Andrew’s has asked us to pray for: vision going forward, Confidence, The ability to listen to the unexpected and positive reconnection with each other and the local community. Our PCC has asked St Andrew’s to pray for clarity about how to live our mission now, Wisdom with finances and enabling with rebuilding our life as worshipers and as a church community. This is just a start. If you have ideas about what it would be good to be praying for and how, please do pass them on.

Contact Information:

Rector: Tim: revtimerridge@gmail.com or 01934 815 404

Curate: Patch: curatewebb@gmail.com or 07495 629241

Safeguarding: Sara sara.hughes6@btinternet.com or 01934 811 008

Pastoral care: Sara sara.hughes6@btinternet.com or 01934 811 008

Warden: Sue: suedav@btinternet.com or 01934 814 275

Warden: Cathy: cathyheycock@btinternet.com or 01934 813 314