Tim Erridge Bleadon ChurchReflections - Rector's Letter

From Tim, our Rector:

Dear Friends,

I hope you are keeping OK and managed to avoid melting in the recent heat?

All change though today!

Thank you to all of you who have let me know your hopes for what we do and don’t do now in the new chapter of Covid time. In summary, drawing together all your requests, you have asked for Caution, Singing, Less distancing and Less mask wearing.

I have now come up with a plan that I hope balances the different hops you have expressed and gives different options at different times but I hope in a clear and simple way.

We will continue to use most of the control measures we are now familiar with, but will relax some specific measures at certain services.

You will be aware that the Covid infection rate locally has risen sharply in recent weeks.

Sadly, you must still stay away if you have any possibly Covid symptoms.

We do still want to support you if this happens, so please do let us know, but please do not come to any face to face events and do get yourself a Covid test.

The more of us that use the NHS Covid 19 Self-Test kits at home, the more certain we can be of not infecting each other. It is important to remember that between 5% and 10% of recent Covid Hospital admissions have been double jabbed people and that there are also strong indications that, whilst double jabbed people usually avoid serious illness, it is very possible to be double jabbed AND infectious. This clearly poses an infection risk to others.

At this time it seems especially important to remember that Jesus calls us to “love our neighbour”. This means being open to holding back on our individual desires for the love of others. Let’s all encourage each other to heed Jesus' words as we step out in faith now.

Sunday Worship at Bleadon Church in August 2021:

We will have a service every Sunday at 10.15am in the church or churchyard.

This will be a Morning Prayer service on 1st Aug and Communion service on 8th and then this pattern will repeat every two weeks.

When ever weather permits we will worship outside as this is clearly recognised as much more Covid safe and allows us to do almost everything we would want to do in a much safer environment. There has also been a lot of positive feedback about hearing and seeing us from passers by and people who do not usually come in the building. We will aim to get a message out early on the day before the service so you know a little in advance if we are going to be outside.

When the service happens inside the church:

At Communion services, please come wearing a mask, but you will be able to remove your mask when the service starts and we are all sat down. At these services indoors, the choir will sing, but the congregation will not. Whenever possible we will go outside at the end of the service so that we can all join in with our closing sung worship. Distancing, sanitising, maximised ventilation, …. will all continue.

At Morning Prayer services, please come wearing a mask which you will need to keep on through the service. This is because in these services we will be enabling congregational singing to happen indoors. Distancing, sanitising, maximised ventilation, …. will all continue.

In addition to these Sunday morning services, we are going to start a NEW evening service.

At 6.30pm on Sundays we will hold a said communion service every other week.

The first one will be on the 1st August.

This will be held in the church room, which has very very good ventilation, a flexible layout and is easy to sanitise. This means the distancing can be less severe. It is also likely that a smaller group of people will gather for this service. This again reduces the Covid risk.

Please come wearing a mask, but you will be able to remove your mask when the service starts and we are all sat down.

I do hope you all find these arrangements reassuring and helpful over the next few weeks.

Thank you to all of you for working with the Covid safety measures we have used so far.

A printed version of this message will be available on Sunday for those who do not use email.

I hope to catch up with you more individually soon,