St Peter and St Paul Bleadon - Fees for 2021


Basic Fees:  
Publication of Banns 31.00
Certificate of Banns at Publication 15.00
Marriage Service 464.00
Additional charges that may not be needed:  
Verger 40.00
Organist (without video)*** 60.00
Organist (with video)*** 90.00
Choir * 60.00
Bell Ringers * POA
Church Heating POA
Flowers ** POA
Service Sheet POA
* If you require Choir and/or Bells we need to confirm availability of nercessary people before making a booking for them.  
** There is a church  group who can arrange flowers for your wedding and you simply pay the cost of the flowers with no cost for arranging etc.  This will save you money compared with florist charges, but is offered on the understanding that the flowers remain in church after your Marriage Service.  Contact Libby Boucher 07966563495  
*** Contact David Lees 07835192668  



Service in church:  
Funeral Service in Church 199.00
Verger 40.00
Organist 50.00
Choir 60.00
Sound system (when used for recorded music) 40.00
Church Heating (when required) 60.00
Service Sheet POA
Service at Crematorium:  
Funeral service at Crematorium 199.00
After a Funeral service:  
Cremation or burial in a cemetery immediately after service in church 29.00
Burial of cremated remains in the churchyard on a separate day 162.00
Verger (when ashes buried at Bleadon on a separate day 30.00
Memorial Tablet in churchyard 73.00
Additional inscription on existing tablet 27.00
Travel expenses:  
Bleadon rectory to Crematorium and return 10.00


Searches in Registers

For the first hour (inclusive of one copy of entry 31.00
For each subsequent hour or part hour 31.00
Additional copies of entries 15.00


For any other services or further information please contact the Treasurer or one of the Churchwardens. Please note FEES CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME