Update: 12 November 2020 


Bleadon Parish Church:  Will now be open as a quiet space for prayer and reflection

on Sundays between 2.30pm and 4pm.

Current Lockdown regulations do not allow us to hold services, but they do permit us to open the church for drop in quiet time for prayer and reflection.

We will still need to manage what we do in a Covid safe way, so during open time there will always be stewards on duty to help us be safe.

We will need to record track and trace details for each person who comes and observe social distancing, sanitising, etc.

We will not be providing prayer books and Bibles. You are welcome to bring your own, but take them home with you too.

This way of being open is often spoken of as being open for “private prayer”, but actually it is in a shared public space and so we will be praying and reflecting together, but in a less formatted way than we do in a service. 

As we open in this way I hope and pray that we will discover new inspiration and nourishment.

Peace be with you all,


Rev’d Tim Erridge


or 01934 815 404)