'Out to Lunch' - Riverside Holiday Village Bleadon

Together with Riverside Holiday Village we are offering affordable lunches for people who live in Bleadon and Bleadon Hill, live alone or have limited mobility and don’t go out often.

If that’s you and you would like to come please tell Norma Steel (Tel: 01934 813118) who will hold the bookings list.  If you know anyone in our community who would benefit, please invite them and make a booking with Norma.

We are planning to co-ordinate help with lifts.  If a lift is needed please tell Norma.  If you give a lift to a friend, then you can stay for lunch too.

A simple but good main course, booked in advance will cost just £5.

Out to Lunch takes place on the first Wednesday every month.  Lunch will be served at 12.30pm.
  - Bon appetite

For more information please contact Norma or Tim.