Care of Bleadon Churchyard:


Bleadon PCC is very thankful for the work done by Bleadon Parish Council and other work done recently by various groups of volunteers who have worked in the graveyard tidying plots.

You may have noticed that brambles and other woody vegetation are far less overgrown now than they were a few months ago.

To keep the churchyard tidy, and even to enhance it’s appearance, we are looking for people who like a bit of gardening to adopt enclosed grave plots which currently get overgrown because there are now no local family members to look after them.

Bleadon Parish Council is responsible for the cutting of open areas of grass, but strictly, the families of those buried are responsible for the care of any enclosed space on a family burial plot.

Where there are now no local family members, often these plots get left to run wild, commonly filling up with Brambles and Elder which then destabilise the grave stones as they grow!

Before adoption, we need to give notice that this is our plan, so that if any families wish to exclude their plot(s) from this plan and care for them them selves, they can do so. We do want to encourage families to continue to care for graves where they are already doing so and also where this has lapsed recently.


If you wish to exclude your family plot from this project and care for it yourselves, please let us know by email to or in writing sent to: The Rectory, Bleadon, BS24 0PG.

We plan to start offering adoption of plots in May 2019, so please let us know by the end of April if you want to exclude your family plot from this project and care for it yourselves.